'MIMO Man' explains the upcoming WiFi update

01st February 2016
'MIMO Man' explains  the upcoming WiFi update
Dr Arogyaswamy Paulraj receives the 2014 Marconi Prize for his MIMO work, from Dr Thomas Kailath, while Robert Lucky, Chairman Emeritus, Marconi Society looks on

Palo Alto ( California, US): February 1 2016: Who better to help us understand  what MU-MIMO means for  us that the man  widely known as the Father of MIMO -- India-born  emeritus professor  at Stanford University,  Dr Arogyaswamy Paulraj?   
It  is exactly  20 years since he invented the MIMO standard  and obtained a patent jointly  with another Indian and Stanford don, Dr Tom Kailath.  
"The increased data rate offered by MIMO is distributed across multiple users simultaneously - instead of a single user as in  ordinary MIMO", he told IndiaTechOnline,   but adds a caution: "11ac works at 5 GHz and  is better at going through walls in the home or office.  11ad  works at 60GHz  and can deliver  higher speeds  but it doesn't penetrate  walls and is useful only within the room " (Which is why products  like the  TP-Link Talon combine  11ac with ad )
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Dr Paulraj  who is also  known in India as the naval officer-leader of the team  which developed the country's first indigenous  sonar  anti submarine defence system,    has received  the  Marconi Prize for his MIMO work - an honour he shares with Internet greats like Google search creator Larry Page, mobile phone inventor  Martin Cooper and Internet protocol author  Vint Cerf. 

In recent weeks he became only the second PIO to be elected  to the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a position  he will take up in June.