Mysore University marks centennial with global media conference

24th January 2016
Mysore University  marks  centennial with global media  conference

Mysore, January  24 2016: The  11th Global Communication Association (GCA) International Conference (, with the theme Ombudsman: Media and social responsibility, is being organized on the 28th and 29th of January, 2016 in Mysore, India. The University of Mysore (UoM), which is marking its Centennial ( will be the academic partner hosting this conference, which is being organized by Global Communication Association. The conference will be one of the highlights of the ongoing grand centenary celebrations. 

As a part of the centenary celebrations, the 11th GCA International conference will have top experts and public affairs stalwarts from around the world to be part of the two-day deliberations. The conference includes high-profile inaugural speakers, guest panelists and awards ceremony speakers. There will also be a plethora of media-research paper presentations by academicians coming from across the country relating to various aspects of communication. This will provide participants, an in-depth exposure to high-quality, research-based knowledge. For full conference schedule, visit:

Some of the key topics that will be discussed at the conference include: Is there an urgent need for a strong ombudsman to restore and integrity and credibility of Indian media? Can media and NGOs collaborate to get the best out of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) obligations? With the advent of new social media, is the old, traditional media struggling to retain its identity and value? With corporate owning or buying media houses, how credible is news now and does it pose a threat to the future of democracy? The obnoxious growth of paid news, is there is a way to end it? Is ombudsman a pain or gain? What do experiences around the world tell us, besides others.
“In the two-day conference deliberations, there will be well over 62 speakers, 12 Keynotes, 10 panel discussions, 24 paper presentations, 7 awards with over 400 delegates participating from around the world. The speakers will discuss different topics with an intrinsic aim to share information, promote culture, identify challenges, find solutions and exchange the most updated knowledge on various topics of public relations, media and communication”,  says. Krishna B. Mariyanka, Conference Curator and Organising Secretary, 11th GCA Conference.