Enhanced n-gage app facilitates video calling

22nd January 2016
Enhanced  n-gage app facilitates  video calling
The new video calling feature in n-gage app and (right) n-gage CEO-Founder Ajit Patel

This made-in-India  global app,  morphs  chat, messaging and video

Bangalore, January 22, 2015 There  are so many messaging apps these days that one is  hard pressed  juggling their icons on the smart phone screen.  Developed in India  for a UK based  company, n-gage  will seem like the answer to one’s own wishlist for a be-all, end-all chat+ messaging tool, that  works even without a smart phone  -- on a PC or laptop, say.   
With  n-gage downloaded on your device, you can invite friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, Viber etc to join in 1-to-1 or 1-to-many even if they  are not n-gage users.   An instant translate feature  works with 45 languages.  A clever peer to peer connection ensures  you are free of outside servers  and you can password-protect the message if you  choose. 
Regret  what you sent? Fear not!  You can take it back.  People  peering  over your shoulder? You can blur the message on your screen.

Perhaps the most radical  feature is the video calling tool.  A simple  password and invitation lets you  video-chat with  up to 10 friends  or colleagues  anywhere, without their needing to install any special software.

In India  this week, founder Ajit Patel   says   n-gage will soon offer a file transfer utility    and video editing features. Patel heads the Sanda Group  which is into multiple business including hotels, with many properties in Goa.

Available for Android  and iOS