Fever Watch to monitor temperature from anywhere anytime

09th January 2016
Fever Watch  to monitor temperature  from anywhere anytime

The 98.6 Fever Watch developed by two IITians gets you real time information of your child’s temperature, even while you are away

By V. Sudhakshina

Bangalore January 9 2016: It’s a pain for working parents to continuously monitor their child’s health, when new infections are popping up every other day. At work, you worry about child's health  back at home.  Helyxon,  a startup  in the IIT Madras Research Park founded by Vijai Shankar Raja and  Vanniyarajan,    has developed a smart solution to this problem:  an app-based temperature monitoring device, called the 98.6 Fever Watch. 

Ideal for children up to the age of 12, the fever watch is a wearable device  using an ultra low power system-on-a -chip,  that comes with a watch strap and disposable patches, to stick under your child’s arm for real-time temperature monitoring.  We are guessing that the strap is for older kids, who might like to wear the device like a watch instead of sticking a patch.

The parents simply download the app and sync up with  their  smart phone via Bluetooth,  to receive minute by minute updates on their child’s health anywhere, anytime.  It also allows one  set an alarm if the child temperature rises above a pre-defined level.  

Many diseases like dengue, malaria and typhoid are diagnosed using the fever pattern. The 98.6 Fever app provides a graphical representation of this pattern, which you can easily share with your doctor.

Priced at Rs. 4,999, the 98.6 Fever Watch can be ordered from Helyxon’s website or other e-commerce sites. The app is available for free download for Android and iOS.