Karnataka IT achievers honored at ITE.Biz show

09th December 2015
Karnataka  IT achievers  honored  at ITE.Biz show
Dr. Omkar Rai, Director General STPI; Ms. V Manjula, Principal Secretary, Department of IT, BT and Science & Technology, Government of Karnataka; Dr. Kasturirangan, Ex-chairman of ISRO and Space Commission, Rep Infosys ; Mr. Kris Gopalakrishnan Co-Founder & Executive Vice Chairman, Infosys Ltd ; Ms. Tanusree Deb Barma, Director, Information Technology and Biotechnology, Government of Karnataka and; Mr. P K Das, Director STPI, at the STPI Awards, Karnataka, 2015 on December 9 2015

Bangalore, December 9, 2015:  Over 20 IT, ITES, and electronic hardware companies were handed the prestigious STPI IT Export Awards this year under 8 categories, based on performance parameters like consistency in exports, women employment, and differently abled manpower employment for the financial year 2014-15.
The STPI IT Export Awards form part of the 18th edition of Bangalore ITE.biz, Karnataka’s premier IT summit, now underway at Lalit Ashok, Bangalore. 
An committee consisting of representatives from STPI- Government of India, Government of Karnataka, academia, media and industry scrutinized the performance of IT companies in terms of consistency in exports, employment and other related parameters and recommended the awards to 23 companies, covering entire spectrum of IT, ITES and electronics and hardware exporting companies. In addition, 22 IT, ITES, and electronic hardware companies who have made Karnataka proud by embarking into the ‘Billion Club’ category (with exports exceeding Rs.1000 Cr.) were recognized with ‘IT Pride of Karnataka’ and presented with citations. Besides, Infosys has been recognized as ‘IT Ratna of Karnataka’ for its consistent and outstanding performance in IT exports (exceeding Rs.10000 cr.) and for being the highest exporter and employer in state of Karnataka.
The awards function this year saw participation from pioneers in the IT, ITES, and electronic hardware industry as well as dignitaries of the government. The chief guest of the function was Dr.K.Kasturirangan, Chairman, Karnataka Jnana Aayoga and guests of honor were  Kris Gopalakrishnan, Co-Founder, Infosys Ltd.; Chairman, Karnataka Vision Group on IT, Ms. V. Manjula, IAS, Principal Secretary, Department of IT, BT and S&TGovernment of Karnataka Dr. Omkar Rai, Director General, Software Technology Parks of India (STPI).

STPI IT Export Awards 2015 - List of Awardees
1 High Growth in IT/ITES Exports (Exports greater than ₹5 cr. and up to ₹25 cr.) M/s. Khan Global Engineering Consultants Pvt. Ltd. 
2 High Growth in IT/ITES Exports (Exports greater than ₹25 cr. and up to ₹100 cr.)M/s. Lam Research (I) Pvt Ltd
3 High Growth in IT/ITES Exports (Exports greater than ₹100 Cr. and up to ₹500Cr.) M/s. Ariba Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
4 High Growth in IT/ITES Exports (Exports greater than ₹500 Cr. and less than ₹1000 Cr.) M/s. Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India Pvt. Ltd.
5 Highest Exporter - IT – Mysuru Region M/s. Software Paradigms Infotech Pvt. Ltd
6 Highest Exporter - ITES – Mysuru Region M/s. SysInformation Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd
7 Highest Exporter - IT – Mangaluru Region M/s. Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd
8 Highest Exporter - ITES – Mangaluru Region M/s. Diya Systems (Mangalore) Pvt Ltd.
9 Highest Exporter - IT – Hubballi Region M/s.Sankalp Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd.
10 Highest Exporter - ITES – Hubballi Region M/s.N S Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
11 Highest Growth -Electronic Hardware Exporter, Tier II & III region M/s. Rangsons Electronics Pvt Ltd. – Mysuru  
12 High Growth –Bengaluru-Electronic Hardware Exporter (Exports up to ₹ 100 Cr.) M/s. Hical Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
13 High Growth –Bengaluru -Electronic Hardware Exporter (Exports greater than ₹ 100 Cr. and less than ₹ 1000 Cr.) M/s. Centum Rakon India Pvt. Lt
14 Highest New Jobs Creator  -  ITM/s. CGI Information Systems & Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
15 Highest New Jobs Creator  -  ITES M/s. Amazon Development Centre (India) Pvt. Ltd
16 Highest Exports per Employee - IT M/s. Qualcomm India Pvt. Ltd.
17 Highest Exports per Employee - ITESM/s. Goldman Sachs (India) Securities Pvt. Ltd.
18Highest % of Women Employer- IT (Manpower greater than 200 and up to 1000) M/s. Odessa Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
19 Highest % of Women Employer- ITES (Manpower greater than 200 and up to 1000) M/s. Unilog Content Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
20 Highest % of Women Employer- IT (Manpower greater than 1000) M/s. JP Morgan Services (India) Pvt. Ltd
21 Highest % of Women Employer- ITES (Manpower greater than 1000) M/s. Cross Domain Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
22 Highest % of Differently-abled Manpower Employer- ITES (Manpower greater than 50) M/s. IP Infusion Software India Pvt Ltd
23 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year - IT Ms. Sangeeta Kulkarni, Co-Founder & CEO M/s. Brickwork India Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru

‘IT Pride of Karnataka’-  (in alphabetical  order):
1 M/s. Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd.
2 M/s. Dell International Services India Pvt. Ltd.
3 M/s. Global e-Business Operations Pvt Ltd.
4 M/s. Goldman Sachs Services (P) Ltd.
5 M/s. HCL Technologies Ltd.
6 M/s. Hewlett-Packard GlobalSoft Pvt. Ltd.
7 M/s .Honeywell Technology solutions Lab Pvt Ltd.
8 M/s. IBM India Pvt. Ltd.
9 M/s. IGATE Global Solutions Ltd.
10 M/s. Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd.
11 M/s. Juniper Networks India Pvt Ltd.
12 M/s. Mindtree Ltd.
13 M/s. Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.
14 M/s. Oracle India Pvt. Ltd.
15 M/s. Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
16 M/s. Samsung R&D Institute India - Bangalore Pvt. Ltd.
17 M/s. SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd.
18 M/s. Schneider Electric IT Business (I) Pvt. Ltd. (EHTP)
19 M/s. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.
20 M/s. Tech Mahindra Ltd.
21 M/s. Wipro GE Healthcare Pvt Ltd. (EHTP)
22 M/s. Wipro Ltd.

IT Ratna of Karnataka -  M/s. Infosys Ltd.