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Indian AI startup, wins global kudos

Mumbai: December 2, 2015: Indian artificial intelligence  startup, has been picked by  French innovation agency, Paris&Co  as one of 21  global companies globally that do standout innovation..
An alumnus of India’s premier angel-backed start-up accelerator, Venture Nursery,, provides advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools that developers can use to build robots that can assist professionals from different fields in their tasks. The AI tools are offered as modules using ‘Language’, ‘Vision’ and ‘Dialogues’ which developers can assemble to give relevant knowledge to the machine to learn.’s platform has a multi-tasking ability and uses complex deep learning algorithms to develop general artificial intelligence systems that can adapt and learn with minimal inputs from humans. By using more general AI rather than rule-based narrow AI, can start assisting humans in making more effective decisions faster.
This is the only Indian start up to feature in the coveted International Innovators list, which was drawn up following  global competition, held in conjunction with the City of Paris' Grands Prix de l'Innovation.
Apart from, other foreign finalists include two start-ups from the United States, one from Sweden, three from England (London), two from Germany (Berlin), one from the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and one from Spain in addition to 10 French start-ups.
“We are excited to be in the global top innovators listing from India,” said Vinay Kumar, founder of “We believe strong Artificial Intelligence (AI) can solve many of the information problems people face in their professions.”
VentureNursery, co-founder, Ravi Kiran said,“VentureNursery’s obsessive focus during acceleration has helped these start-ups take pole position.”
In June 2015, was named as the top 4 next generation technology start-up at ‘Silicon Valley Forum’ held at Microsoft’s US campus.
Set up by two researchers from IIT Bombay, Vinay Kumar and Deekshith Marla, team includes researchers and scientists in ‘Mathematics and Computing’ with key expertise in ‘Artificial Intelligence’. The team’s research experience spans BioTech, Finance and Computing.