WinMagic COO Mark Hickman and (left) India Country Manager Rahul Kumar
WinMagic brings endpoint encryption solution to India; offers single key control to cloud users

Bangalore, November 26 2015: Canada-headquartered data security specialist WinMagic,   has launched SecureDoc CloudSync,  software that encrypts files at the endpoint, leaving full control with the enterprise through a single key,  before entrusting  them to cloud-based  services.
The solution  addresses the several risks  that   manifest if a user’s cloud service credentials are compromised and corporate data  exposed. Also, the vulnerability of unencrypted files while in transport to and from the cloud creates a data leakage scenario.
SecureDoc CloudSync eliminates these risks by encrypting files at the endpoint before they are saved in the cloud. The company controls the encryption keys, which are assigned and revoked based on company controlled policy. If the cloud service is compromised, or if a given cloud instance is moved to a different geographic location, the files remain encrypted and can be accessed at any given point in time.
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Speaking to IndiaTechOnline,  WinMagic's  Chief Operating Officer Mark Hickman,  said "Globally, the trend that has evolved over the years has been of adoption of cloud solutions for most businesses.But this has had  an element of risk. The sensible solution is for companies   to  encrypt files at their end point,  so that the encryption stays with the file in the cloud. By managing the keys, the IT teams are the finally authority as to the security of their corporate data.”
In recent weeks, WinMagic   has  partnered with the Bangalore based  distributor, Techbind  to build up its partner ecosystem in India.  India  Country Manager Rahul Kumar   said the company had opened  a support facility in Jaipur to better serve its customers here.
At an IT security  round table in Delhi  in September,  Mr Hickman   said WinMagic was  happy to partner with Government of India for their various programmes s including Digital India.