Vamaship offers integrated logistics platform across air, sea & land

03rd November 2015
Vamaship offers integrated logistics platform across air, sea & land

New Delhi, November 3, 2015: What is arguably , the world’s first integrated logistics platform Vamaship has been  launched in India.  It aims to provide the most cost-effective, on-time shipment fulfillment for individuals and businesses. SMEs, e-commerce websites and individual shippers will also benefit. 
Vamaship helps shippers minimise costs through passing on bulk shipping rates and through automation of shipping processes. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology, and advanced logistics algorithms, Vamaship will facilitate shipping through all three channels – air, ocean and surface. Acting as a consolidator, Vamaship provides freight logistics solutions across all three channels of transportation – air, surface and ocean – within 8,000 pin codes in India and from India to the United States, UK, UAE, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. The company has tied up with India’s best shipping partners to ensure seamless fulfilment.  
Says Bhavik Chinai, Vamaship  Founder and CEO: “Globally, the shipping and freight industry has presented freight forwarders and shippers with a broken and expensive experience, owing to its unorganized and unintegrated processes. With Vamaship’s integrated logistics platform, we aim to change logistics forever by implementing tech-driven solutions to automate and facilitate shipping. This will ensure a cost-effective and seamless shipping experience for all stakeholders.”
Vamaship also pioneered a drastic decrease in the turnaround time for ocean freight pricing, reducing it from 48 hours to just 7 seconds. In a process that requires careful coordination with several stakeholders such as customs clearance broker, transporters, ports and the shipping line, Vamaship’s revolutionary impact has created a new revenue medium and eased shipping processes for each stakeholder.
Launched in September, Vamaship teams are based out of Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.