Indian Android app enables jobs via GPS!

01st November 2015
Indian  Android app enables  jobs via GPS!
Screen shots from theVeuon job app and (bottom) Founder- MD, Amarlal Nichani

From  a Chennai start-up,  an app using the mobile phone's GPS   to fuel   real time recruitment
From Anand Parthasarathy,  
Bangalore, November 1 2015
Recruitment  can go truly local -- thanks to an app  launched recently  by Chennai-based startup,  Veuon Technologies.  It makes canny use of the GPS  positioning function available  on most  smart phones to help job seekers meet job providers  within a restricted area  that could be as circle of  50, 30, 20 even 5 kms in radius. 
Here's how the Android app works:
The Job seekers’ phone will list all the prospective job providers in   their  preferred region. They can  send their CVs  to the employers  they select. The job providers’  phones  will list all the prospective candidates  who respond to their offer.  Alerts or notifications are provided when a match is found.   The rest is up to  prospective employer and job seeker.  The service is free for candidates;  Employers pay Veuon a small fee  which is currently below Rs 6000, a month,  for the maximum  'catchment area' of 50 kms.
Veuon  Founder-MD  Amarlal Nichani  who demonstrated the app at the CeBit  Show in Bangalore,   says the solution  will appeal to employers at both ends of the spectrum -- large corporates  who want to spread their net wide as well as small enterprises like shops and supermarkets who look for  hyper  local talent.  "The mobile phone is a great enabler", he says," Candidates can  look for  available jobs nearby  and often connect with employers within minutes, even uploading a selfie CV".  Real Time recruitment indeed!
The app  was shortlisted  in the Top Ten innovation rankings,  in contests from Bangalore to Ireland.  Early recruiter-users include HCL, CSS Corp and First Serve.