Improving the Android experience -- with a little help from Quixey

28th October 2015
Improving the Android experience -- with a little help from Quixey
From left Guru Gowrappan, COO, Quixey and Tomer Kagan, CEO and Co-founder, Quixey

Bangalore, October 28, 2015: Quixey, a mobile technology company, today introduced a cutting-edge Android launcher designed to put Indian users, in control of their mobile experience. 'Launch by Quixey' completely reimagines the home screen, style and functionality of Android devices. While Android is an incredibly powerful mobile system, users today are looking for more efficient devices with a better way to quickly and easily get things done.
 Launch by Quixey solves these pain points and enables a highly customizable Android experience. Its intelligent shortcuts use machine learning to uncover and deliver the right app functions to users from inside both apps on the phone and across the app ecosystem. With Launch by Quixey users have access to four powerful primary functions, all of which become more intelligent as they get to know user behaviors and preferences:
·        Apps: gives easy access to all of your apps within one searchable hub, recommends apps that you are most likely to use that moment, and provides simple tools to add and manage app folders.
·        People: suggests contacts to call, text, message or email based on usage patterns at certain times of the day and serves as a single location for management of these communications.
·        Search: quickly finds exactly what you want on your phone, including apps, contacts, messages, settings and more, while at the same time providing the most comprehensive deep search for apps and functionalities not necessarily downloaded.
·        Cards: presents a stream of local and relative content for a specific user from across all the top apps—even if they are not downloaded on the device.
“It’s not the interface of a phone that drives user experience, but the intelligence of the software behind it,” says Tomer Kagan, CEO and co-founder of Quixey. “Users will find that Launch allows them to tap into all the power of software on their device rather than manually going from app to app. It’s a reimagined Android home experience that combines machine learning and the mobile technology we’ve been developing for years, and it delivers on our vision of breaking down the barriers of apps.”
Nearly 60 percent of the population in India is under the age of 30 and app usage has grown by at least 131 percent, outpacing the global growth rate. It’s one of the most mobile-savvy countries, with many consumers looking for alternatives to the disjointed app experience much of the world has grown to accept—downloading, clicking and using separate apps for every task,” adds Quixey COO Guru Gowrappan, “Expanding our team and offices in Bangalore and building a product in India for India was only a natural step for us to reach the mobile-savvy and early adopter audience. Launch provides these early adopters with quick and streamlined access to apps, people and content, and the ability to take action via our new Deep View Cards.”
Quixey is a mobile technology company providing the world's leading mobile brands with Deep View Cards - connecting users to the functionality of apps and dramatically shortening users' time-to-action. The company was founded in 2009 and has offices in Mountain View, CA, Beijing, Bangalore, and Tel Aviv.