Indian IoT outfit to start with smart bulb

15th October 2015
Indian IoT outfit  to start with smart bulb

October 15, 2015: India based technology innovation focused company Cube26,  says it will shortly foray into IoT (Internet of Things), with a new category called iota,  map the entire technology ecosystem encompassing utility software, devices, local ecosystem services and data analytics.
 “We are delighted to launch the first-of-its kind iota category in India with the vision to provide unique device experiences to new age, connected Indian consumers.  We plan to come out with innovative, accessible devices across different platforms powered by Cube26 software,” says Saurav Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder, Cube26. “We wish to make IoT a reality in India and devise products, solutions and services which are locally as well as globally relevant.”
He adds:  “As part of our iota roll-out, we will be soon launching a smart bulb along with other smarter devices intended to disrupt the market. Smart bulb will be loaded with intuitive, experiential features for the Indian consumer market and the embedded software will be its key differentiator.”

Cube26 has developed varied applications like Blink to Capture and QuickLook to empower OEMs with a clear competitive edge. Cube26 software currently resides on more than 5 million devices, or 4 percent of all mobile users in India. The company seeks to revolutionize the device experience for users across different platforms through cutting-edge innovation. The iota category will enable the company to conceptualize, roll-out and market innovative, smarter devices in the niche IoT market. According to a research by Gartner, IoT devices will reach more than 30-35 billion in 2020 and India is expected to be the largest IoT market in South Asia.