If EMC acquisition by Dell becomes reality, it will affect large chunk of employees of 3 entities in India

New York, October 10 2015:  The Wall St. Journal, The New York Times and other key US media  has reported the possible  imminent acquisition of EMC ( with its over  80%  holding in VMware) by Dell.
This, if it comes through will be one of the biggest technology takeovers in recent years  and will  inevitably affect the India-based employees of all three entities, which have significant India presence as well as India-based global operations including R&D.
EMC, one of the last US tech giants  based on the East coast, in Massachusetts  ( others were Digital Equipment and Wang) began operations in   1979, making 64-kilobyte memory boards and going on to become a giant in the  computer and data storage  business.  In 2004, it acquired  almost all of VMware, the world leader in virtualization. It has been led  since 2001 by  CEO Joe Tucci.
Michael Dell founded Dell  in his University of Texas dorm room in 1984, and it become one of the biggest success stories in the PC hardware business. In recent years it has had to diversify, changing from a consumer-only company to an enterprise-serving entity.
 In 2013, Dell was taken private by its founder  in $24 billion  buyout, one of the biggest  in corporate  USA . Now the company is said to have $ 40 billion in the kitty to buy EMC.  Michael Dell has been a frequenty visitor to India -- his last visit to Bangalore was in September.

Quiz:  What does E-M-C stand for?  This is something, we are betting many
of the company's employees in India may not be able to asnwer. Before
its eclipse, here goes:
EMC, was  founded in 1979 by Richard Egan and Roger Marino (the E and
M in EMC).   
The "2"  superscript in its logo has no special significance and has no
connection with Albert Einstein and tghe famous equation to back his
Relativity theory.