New SAP innovation aims to accelerate digital business

12th September 2015
New SAP  innovation  aims to accelerate digital business
Navigating the data jungle.. with SAP HANA Vora as guide!

New software tool, HANA Vora launched
From  Vishnu Anand
Mumbai,  September 12 2015: Seemingly Inspired by the  hot new tech trends swirling  around hyper connectivity, advancement in super computing, increased proliferation of the cloud, and embedded devices, SAP has launched   a  new software solution -- SAP HANA Vora.  
This is  a new  computing layer that sits on  top of Hadoop --  the currently  popular  Open-Source framework that allows enterprises  to store and process big data across clusters of  their computers. With  huge volumes of data  being stored and accessed,  enterprises face another  challenge:  getting data at the right time. 
This is where SAP HANA Vora steps in with a God Father-like 'an offer you can't refuse': It serves as layer sitting  on Hadoop, which works on the  data,  and makes sure it is available in real time,  while preserving its quality.
SAP HANA Vora  will help customers in industries  for whom highly interactive Big Data analytics in business process context is critical  -- like financial services, telecom, healthcare and manufacturing.
Examples where SAP HANA Vora can potentially benefit customers
·  Mitigate risk and fraud by detecting new anomalies in financial transactions and customer history dat
· Optimize telecom bandwidth by analyzing traffic patterns to help avoid network bottlenecks and improve network quality of service (QoS)
· Deliver preventive maintenance and improve product re-call process by analyzing bill-of-material, services records etc.
SAP  plans to release  HANA Vora   later this month   together with a 'Cloud" edition for developers  to create their own solutions.
Greg McStravick, GM and Global Head, SAP Database and Technology, in India this week,  is optimistic that SAP HANA Vora will lead  to the much needed 'democratization of data'.   Speaking to  IndiaTechOnline, yesterday  on the sidelines of the HANA Vora launch event he gave  an example:
"Your enterprise might be in say, a retail business. But the data that resides in your systems will have value for a different business. An ideal scenario will he healthcare. By having access to thousands and thousands of ailment and health records, pharmaceutical companies and governments can crowd-source symptomatic drug discovery faster, rather than wait for a pandemic to break out."
He  suggests: "Big data, if accessed in real-time can open up a whole new  world of possibilities, while paving the way for newer innovations in the months to come."