Gigato lets users Save more-Surf more by freeing select apps from data charges

September 3 2015: Gigato is a mobile application focused on bringing down the cost of data in emerging markets starting with India by allowing app developers to sponsor the data for their end users by giving databack.
Gigato lets you use your favourite Android apps free of 2G or 3G mobile Data Charges. Once you download and register with Gigato all the apps that are on our platform are able to refund you for the data consumed on their apps with an unrestricted mobile recharge credit. When equipped with ‘databack’ consumers are able to engage with their favourite apps at anytime and anyplace.
The  free 4 MB app is published by Mavin, are a team of seasoned Google & Microsoft engineers who believe that ubiquitous access to the internet is a force for good in society
Product Features & Details

  • App compatible with Android 4.1 and above
  • All Indian Operators Supported
  • Users Receive Mobile Data for Using Apps Normally
  • Absolutely Free and Unrestricted Data to Use
  • Less than 4MB to Download
  • Once Signed in, no need to open Gigato to access the Data Earning Power!
  • Gigato provides 2G/3G data Depending on your Circle, Operator.
  • Consumers have a Dashboard showing their Real Time Usage of Apps
  • Increases Mobile User Acquisition, Discovery, Engagement and Time on App

Link to Android app download