24 hr TV channel devoted to rural India is a year old

Mumbai,  September 2, 2015:  Green TV, India’s first private channel to launch 24x7 programming dedicated to India’s vast rural population, is one year old.
As part of its observance of its first birthday,   Green TV has , announced  a ‘DOIALT- Donate once in a Life Time’ intended to initiate a nationwide blood donation campaign in India. It emphasizes on the fact that if every normal human donates blood only once in his or her life time then there will be no deficit of blood in our blood banks.  In the first year of its operations the channel has reached out to over 15 million viewers and has set a target of reaching out to 60 Million viewers in the coming year through cable TV network which has a huge reach in semi-urban and rural areas.
Says Junaid Memon, Noted Filmmaker and Co- Founder & Managing Director, Green TV: “We are very grateful to our viewers for constantly supporting us on our journey and, on our first anniversary, we are excited about the future of the channel. As far as I can remember, 70% of India’s population has always lived in villages. While urban India is spoilt with a plethora of choices, rural India remains where it is. The focus for all marketers remains urban India. We have over 200 channels catering to just 30% of the population! What about the remaining 70%? There is no channel for those whose livelihood depends only on information and innovation. Launching a channel is the least one can do for this information deprived and often misinformed community. Green TV is not solely about environmental awareness, although many of our programmes are about environment-related issues.”
“Seventy percent of India’s population lives in villages. We have over 200 channels catering to just 30% of the population. We talk about India moving into the 21st century, yet we hardly take much interest in the lives of those who can actually make us economically stronger. For me Green TV is not a business venture. It is a mission with a clear vision, which is to make the rural mean ‘respectable’, he added.
Green TV is the first TV channel to have a distribution team of about 35 travelling through villages and midsize towns for months trying to reach out to those cable operators who never get importance from broadcasters. The channel has managed to reach even the remotest of villages via cable. After seeing Green TV’s reach, DTH operators who were initially unwilling to carry Green TV or expected huge carriage fees are now expressing interest. Our push in the rural market is giving a boost to these cable operators who were previously neglected.
Apart from conventional cable & DTH, Green TV’s  live feed is available on mobile devices also as 50% of the rural population still doesn’t have electricity supply for more than 6 hours whereas almost every villager has a mobile phone. Green TV is already present on the internet via its Live TV feed.  The channel is also developing several short web series, apart from regular 25 minute TV episodes and their shorter edits for the internet. These will initially be targeted to urban audiences only. Green TV is  a satellite channel available across Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia, wherever INTELSAT 20 has its footprint. The channel is planning to expand to the African markets as well as Indonesia in the near future. 
Currently Green TV available on InCable Digital, DigiCable, GTPL Darsh Cable, Maurya Digital, ABS2 Free DTH & Fastway network and will be available soon on Dish TV, Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV & Videocon.