OneTouch personal safety app, now for Apple device users

New Delhi, August 18, 2015:  India’s first, private Personal Safety and Immediate Assistance Service, One Touch Response (OTR)  is  now live as an app in the Apple Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users.
With over 10,000 users already, OTR provides its users with a one-tap mechanism to ensure their personal safety via on call assistance within seconds, which is backed by a trained physical response team that arrives within minutes in the National Capital Region. For its users beyond NCR and across 1000+ cities, One Touch Response offers on call assistance for now.
The app can be activated  for active safety tracking or in any threat situation such as being stalked,  accident, vehicle breakdown, fire, medical etc.. At the touch of the app the user is immediately connected to the OTR Command and Control Centre (C3), which monitors the user’s location and establishes contact.  At the same time the nearest First  Response Teams (FRTs), stationed strategically in various parts of Delhi/NCR, is dispatched to be with the user in distress, within minutes. The support is there even in situations that are perceived as a threat – the FRT will be there if a person is stranded late at night or requires help in situations of discomfort. The OTR C3 and FRT on behalf of the user, simultaneously coordinate with external agencies such as the police, ambulance, medical services, fire stations, cab services, mechanics etc. depending on the nature of the distress.
The One Touch Response app for iOS 5.0 or later, has a small memory and storage footprint, works well with all kinds of mobile data connectivity, and is light on power consumption, thereby not draining the battery inordinately. With a simple one-tap access, users can ensure their personal safety and should situations of distress take place, help is with them in seconds, while the well-trained physical FRT’s reach them in minutes. The app is highly secure and ensures complete user privacy – all communication between the app and the One Touch servers is http secure.

One Touch comes from  Delhi-based ASAS Security Solutions Pvt.Ltd  and services start at Rs 3000