KIDSS: This India-made app is a parenting platform

16th August 2015
KIDSS: This India-made  app is a parenting platform
A social shell for kids.... and parents!

New Delhi, August 16 2015: Chifro Studios  creators of a social, secure and shareable mobile platform for kids’ growing years  have launched KIDSS(Kid Social Shell) a digital-age parenting platform which offers two  useful  features: information to parents via parenting tips along with live child experts & learning content in form of apps and videos for kids.
What’s more, parents can create a group of like-minded people to discuss parenting with their peers.
Says Chifro: This parenting hub features child-friendly videos that will brighten up days and nights of toddlers and pre-schoolers. Learn how to handle toddlers’ tantrum before having their dinner or going to school. Now, we have an expert standby in waiting to resolve parents all kid-related problems. Kid Social Shell is here to overhaul decades-old ways of kids learning by gamification. With introduction of parenting forum under chat section, parents can discuss all their kids growth related queries with other similar parents.
KIDSS offers gamification of learning content as well as parenting tools. There has been about 300% growth per month with more than 3 million cumulative downloads on content application which have been embedded in KIDSS platform and has made parenting and learning in this fast moving world more convenient and easy.

Find Android app link here