Image courtesy Deccan Chronicle
Web porn gag in India, relaxed to exclude all but child porn

New Delhi, August 5 2015:  Like good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, perhaps there is good pornography and bad pornography?  Only days after forcing  Indian Internet service providers to  shut access to over 800 deemed pornographic sites, the Indian government back tracked,  yesteday,  restricting its gag order to child pornographic  sites.   
A  new order says: "The intermediaries (ISPs) are hereby directed that they are free not to disable any of the 857 URLs... which do not have child pornographic content."
The Ministry of Communications and Information and Technology, in its order of July 31 under section 79(3)(b) of the IT Act 2000,  had  banned the 857 websites "as the content hosted on these websites related to morality, decency as given in Article 19(2) of the Constitution of India."  This sweeping net trawled many humour sites  with no pornography.
It is believed, for   the omnibus gag,  government went by the list of so-called pornography websites provided by plaintiffs in a case currently before the Supreme Court,  without examining it too closely.