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India IT miracle days are over: Infosys chief Vishal Sikka

Bangalore, August 1 2015: Vishal  Sikka CEO of Infosys, the iconic Indian IT company,  thinks the   days of miracles in information technology services  are over.  Soon  after  bringing the company back top a healthy balance sheet,he spoke to  Saritha Rai for Forbes India magazine In a hardhitting interview.  Sikka  shared his candid appraisal of what was wrong with the Infosys mindset  -- and is his template for the future.
"Is this the end of India’s “IT miracle” as we know it?"
It is dead; it is over. There’s no doubt in my mind that the old model is no longer relevant. Things are very competitive. The advantages of geolocalisation are available to everybody.
He has no patience with  the way things were being done: "As an IT services firm, we are not supposed to innovate; we just do what others tell us to. That thinking makes me angry and disturbed, and I’m determined to change that."
And his roadmap for tomorrow?
"The theme is ‘Renew and New’. We want to renew and improve the way we do things. We have folded in Lodestone, a Zurich consultancy acquired in 2012,  and deeply integrated that into the company. That team has 100 very distinguished senior people, and each has been allocated two of our top 200 customers. They will co-lead with the sales team, and the combination will bring the company to the client in a more holistic way. A central team led by a brilliant design thinker will weigh in on every proposal we make. That team has helped us bag five major wins in the last few weeks.
Read the full interview here


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India IT miracle days are over: Infosys chief Vishal Sikka
by Hironori on October  22,  2015
  "Just to confirm the last PS, I was there when the word Teleportation has been used By the way, more than the end of batch (which looks utipoc as in parallel of performance improvements, humanity is strong in generating more and more data and of course more and more complex rules), the impact of having near-real time batches is the consequence of the in-memory and big data phenomenom.It means a major change management, and calling it an inflection point is a good way to link poetry and science"
India IT miracle days are over: Infosys chief Vishal Sikka
by Tyanne on April  16,  2016
  "People nolramly pay me for this and you are giving it away!"