Photoshop, now a free download for Android phones

11th January 2010
Photoshop, now a free download for Android phones

 ‘Lite’ versions of Adobe’s popular image editing software, Photoshop is  now available on  many popular mobile phone platforms including the iPhone, the Windows Mobile and now Google’s Android operating system.  All these are free downloads from, the online avatar of the application.

The newest – Android  -- application provides quick and easy image-editing tools, colour adjustments and instant photo-sharing capabilities. Mobile optimizes the camera-phone experience by allowing users to browse for their photos online and on their phone, directly from the application. The application is free and available at the Android Market. Mobile for Android offers essential, user-friendly photo-editing tools like crop, rotate and flip. The Soft Focus filter can be used to create a subtle blur effect, and for performing color adjustments such as exposure, saturation, tint changes and classic black-and-white. 

In addition, Mobile for Android offers features only available on Android phones. Users can automatically upload pictures to albums in the background, even when the Mobile application is not running. accounts provide 2GB of free online photo storage, which equates to over 1,500 photos. Made possible by the Android API, the new tab-based user interface enables users to view local and online content. The application can be downloaded from  

Here are  links for iPhone and Windows mobile. Many Blackberry users have already been provided Photoshop on their phones by their service providers.

Jan 12 2010