Half of all apps in Open Source Tizen, developed in India

31st July 2015
Half of all apps in Open Source Tizen, developed in India
From left: Dipesh Shah, Deputy MD, Vice President, Samsung R&D Institute India, Rajiv Mishra, Vice President, Samsung India and Dr. Aloknath De, CTO & Vice President, Samsung R&D Institute India, at the Tizen Development Summit 2015 held in Bangalore, July 30 2015.

Bangalore,  July 31, 2015: Over 1,000 developers participated in the Open Source focussed  Tizen Developer Summit (TDS),  which concluded here today. TDS is being held in India for the first time and has attracted  leading Indian  companies and organizations  like InMobi, Unity, Airtel and Nasscom.
TDC is an annual eventfor open source and app developers who are interested in contributing to the growth of the Tizen ecosystem worldwide. It is sponsored by Samsung Electronics and the Tizen Association to assist local app and platform developers interested in contributing to the growth of the Tizen ecosystem.
TDS  enabled Tizen developers and understand the technology behind the Tizen platform, app development, porting, and monetization through the Tizen Store. The two-day event   saw keynote speeches, technical sessions and workshops for app developers, platform designers, and Independent Software Vendors (ISV) to understand the technology in the Tizen platform. Multiple discussions and knowledge sharing sessions are being held to educate, engage and excite existing and potential developers.
“TDS 2015 Bangalore  is significant as nearly half of the apps in the Tizen Store are created by developers from India. This reflects the enormous opportunity in India where a large base of platform and app developers continues to show significant interest to develop Tizen OS and high-quality apps,” said Dr. Aloknath De, Chief Technology Officer and VP-Samsung R&D Institute India Bangalore.
“This is also the first Summit which is being organized in the backdrop of commercially available products, for example, the Samsung Z1 smart phone, which sold over one million units since its launch and Tizen Operating System powered SUHD TV which was recently launched in India.”Dr.  De added.
Other keynote speakers included Naveen Tewari, CEO of InMobi, who spoke on the evolution of mobile monetization from banners to native advertising to more advanced feature advertising and its impact on Tizen developers. Sanjeev Kashyap, CTO and Head of Satellite Network Group at Airtel, spoke about the growth and change in Indian DTV viewership patterns, the unique application demands of Samsung Smart
TV and plans for upcoming applications on the Tizen platform.

 New Software Development Kits, Tizen 2.3.1 and Tizen 2.4 beta were announced at TDS. The new SDK, Tizen 2.3.1 can be integrated with Wearables allowing developers to build new kinds of Wearable apps ready for commercial distribution. It also supports native app development making all applications lightweight. Tizen 2.4 beta includes Dynamic Animation Library (DALi) for full 3D applications. It promises high
performance, low power, and memory consumption. Cloudbox enables users to get more content from several Cloud systems. While Contextual Triggers help to customize Tizen functions based on users behavior. The Tizen OS offers application capability across mobile devices, wearables, TVs, and other home appliances, and this potentially paves the way for convergence opportunities across device categories. TDS offers unique and innovative solutions for a wide range of content creators and it is the best way to interact with local developers and companies working within the Tizen ecosystem.
The next Tizen Developer Conference (TDC) will be held September 17-18, 2015 in Shenzhen, China.