Microsoft opens new Windows for a new, seamless, multi-platform Age

30th July 2015
Microsoft opens  new Windows   for  a new, seamless, multi-platform Age

New Delhi, July 30, 2015:  Six months after first unveiling key elements,Microsoft has launched  the next iteration of its Windows Operating System, naming it Windows 10.
And surprise, surprise! A company,  generally not been great at giving away things  for free,  has decided to  help  all existing owners of legal versions of  last two editions  -- Windows 7 and 8 -- to upgrade to the new edition for free!   This is not quite automatic but will be done in batches  to prevent  download problems. More information on  free upgrade  options can found at

The new Windows   also differs in being more like Software as a Service  kept automatically up-to-date with innovations and security updates. Windows 10   promises  a seamless single experience across multiple contemporary platforms -- including PCs, laptops, tablets, phones, Raspberry Pi, Xbox One even  HoloLens, Microsoft's new  Virtual Reality device.
Windows 10 is  designed to work with Office and Skype and allows you to switch  seamlessly between apps.  It comes with some new tools:

- Cortana, the personal digital assistant, makes it easy to find the right information at the right time.
- The New Microsoft Edge browser replacing hardy veteran Internet Explorer
- An integrated Xbox app
- Built-in apps including Photos; Maps; Movies & TV
A new music app, Groove
OneDrive,   for Cloud storage of your files. -- useful if your device  has no hard drive.
- Microsoft Phone Companion app  which enables iPhones, Android or Windows phones to work seamlessly with Windows 10 devices.
AND  a new Office Mobile app for Windows 10 tablets  for work on-the-go, with  Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps.
For larger platforms, a new Office desktop (Office 2016)   is in the offing.

Please await our detailed  appraisal of the new OS