Phablets are the new PCs finds MAIT report

18th July 2015
Phablets are the new PCs finds MAIT report

New Delhi: July 18 2015: While smartphones and tablets  find favour with Indian buyers,  personal computer sales declined 10 percent during fiscal 2014-15  to 10.6 million units  finds a report by hardware industry body Manufacturers’ Association of Information Technologies (MAIT) with   market research specialists IMRB.  
DOWN, Down: Notebook sales that had been driving growth for the PC segment in India, declined 15 per cent to 5.8 million units. The Desktop market fell 4 per cent to 4.7 million units in 2014-15. At the same time Phablet sales have seen a 527 per cent growth.
UP, Up: The Smartphone market in 2014-15 grew 33 per cent to 69.6 million units, while phablets and tablets grew 527 per cent (50.8 million) and four per cent (3.4 million units) respectively.

The overall size of Indian ICT hardware market,  --- mainly printers, servers and computers --- stood at $15.87 billion showing a growth of 23.98 per cent. This includes PCs, Desktops, Phablets (Screen size 5 inch and more), tablets (screen size greater than or equal to 7 inch), smartphones, servers, and peripherals.

Said MAIT President Amar Babu: “Phones are driving all the growth but PC is showing a fall. The only way to arrest this is to look at ways to increase PC penetration in Indian households. One way is by enabling infrastructure, providing low-cost loans and discount vouchers for purchasing PCs. We also see a ray of hope on account of some of Digital India initiatives.”
Phablets is expected to grow by around 65 per cent in the next fiscal year.