Intex reignites 21-inch TV size with affordable full HD LED model

13th July 2015
Intex reignites 21-inch TV size with affordable full HD LED model

New Delhi, July 13, 2015: The 21-inch TV was the  domestic standard  for Indian homes   -- in the days of bulky CRT-monitors.  Intex has reignited this  size  with an aggressively priced  21 inch full High Definition LED TV set  consuming just 35 watts, and costing Rs 9999.
The TV comes with a power saving mode, which with its ‘No Signal Power Saving’ feature helps to support eco- friendly environment with less power consumption
LED 2111-FHD comes with a 53 cm ADS panel and a native resolution of 1920 X 1080. The proprietary  Eye Safe-T Matrix Technology eliminates lags, ensures a faster response time and better viewing experience without straining the eyes. The Built-in  3W x 2 Stereo Speakers produce a balanced stereo sound over a wide area. The TV set comes with a new set of Pop-ups such as the Digital Filter, Wide Voltage Range, High Fidelity Sound Speakers, and Movie USB Playability etc.
Says Nidhi Markanday, Business Head, Consumer Durables & IT Accessories: “Intex Technologies has always aimed at providing customers more than satisfaction. The way our products weave the experience of entertainment into happiness is what we aim to achieve. Our rapidly increasing acceptance of Consumer Durable products clearly showcases the popularity of our brand and cements our connection with our customers. The LED 2111-FHD is another revolutionary offering from Intex which shall connect the consumers again with the once hugely popular 21-inch TV size. This model not only provides powerful features but also fits perfectly in your budget. With this new launch we aim to bring the best of our offering at a delightful price.”