Have Oculus, will travel!
King of Good Tmes in India, embraces Oculus Rift VR

India's biggest beverage maker  has embraced Oculus Rift in innovative ways

By Vishnu  Anand
Bangalore, July 10 2015: The US-based virtual reality (VR) technology company,  Oculus,  has been toying with the minds of VR fans for the past three years. Various forms of Oculus Rift, the head mounted display device for near-real immersive gaming and VR experience has been seen around the world in different form factors, shapes and sizes.  Finally  Oculus has announced the consumer version of the Oculus Rift,  to be available soon internationally. The device features two OLED screens, a pair of integrated headphones, and an Xbox One controller.
Back home, Oculus Rift has already found a very interesting fan. The first-ever Oculus Rift experience in India is being provided by Kingfisher. The beverage manufacturer is treating its fans to a VR experience by putting personalized Oculus Rift headphones (prototype versions) on beverage drinkers, and making them travel through a virtual roller coaster, complete with bumps, bends and swivels at the most unexpected times. The player's heart rate is constantly monitored and once it increases to a particular threshold, free beverage cans emerge next to the player's seat.
After thesuccess of this Oculus Rift game at various October Fest ground events and concerts, Kingfisher is now creating a whole new VR game which will take users on a tour of the 'world of Kingfisher', where the player will mysteriously transform from a beverage drinker to an IPL team manager, to a rally bike rider -- all in a matter of seconds.
The good times have surely begun for Oculus Rift, in India, even before it has been officially launched. Cheers to that!
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