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Maiden edition of Tektronix T&M Forum in Bangalore focuses on new digital technologies

Bangalore, June 26, 2015 – Tektronix, Inc.,   a respected  global name for oscilloscopes,  conducted its first ever Test & Measurement Innovation Forum’ in Bangalore, earlier this week, with over 500 engineers participating  and  exchanging insights on  creating hardware technologies & solutions for electronics industry from India to the world.
Patrick J. Byrne, President of Tektronix I inaugurated the event and shared industry trends & emerging technologies and how Tektronix has been enabling the startup ecosystem of India for cutting edge innovation and product developments.
Says Kapil Sood, Managing Director, Tektronix India: "The rapid development of digital technologies presents new and complex design challenges. Engineers need up-to-date knowledge to stay at the forefront of new and emerging technologies.  We are committed to providing growing high-tech startups with advanced test solutions that enable them to bring next generation designs quickly to market.”  
The Forum also provided product showcase and demonstration opportunity to the high-tech product startups via its special ‘Startup Zone’ at the forum venue. Basil Systems, Alethea, Photo Electric Chefs, KFX Circuits & SystemsCardiac Design Labs and Prodigy Innovations demonstrated products and solutions for electronics embedded industry. 


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Maiden edition of Tektronix T&M Forum in Bangalore focuses on new digital technologies
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