New website is devoted to biometric tech in India

23rd June 2015
New website is devoted to biometric tech in India

Pune, June 23 2015. Now a website dedicated  to biometric fingerprint technology:  “Biometric Fingerprint Scanner” (  will consolidate  information  related to Biometric Fingerprint Technology, Products, Companies, Application and latest news.
It also gets updated regularly on different topics related to Biometric Fingerprint Technology and Applications. Different Manufacturers across the worlds are getting listed here for showcasing their expertise and products manufactured by them. News related to these companies also gets updated on regular basis. Different Biometric Fingerprint Companies and distributors from India also got themselves registered with their offerings. Contact details of all the companies are available on their pages.
Says Manmohan Kumar, the promoter of the website:  “As this website is dedicated for Biometric Fingerprint Technology and has been started for benefitting different customers, system integrators and distributors looking for related updated information, we are updating it regularly and ensuring that visitors should have a new experience every time they visit the website. We have plans to introduce more new things like – Product Reviews, Expert Advice and Information relation to different business opportunity available in the market."
The website is also available for related Press Releases, Articles, Case Studies, Product Launch and new application details, it can be sent to the following email id –
_________________BRIEF ON BIOMETRIC TE\CHNOLOGY IN INDIA______________________

In the last 5-6 years, Biometric Technology and Biometric Fingerprint Scanners has created lots
of buzz and interest in the security field and established itself as one of the ultimate identification
technology. Biometric Authentication using Biometric Fingerprint Scanner is getting introduced to
different applications and getting accepted worldwide. With Corporate, apart from securing access
(physical and logical access as well), it’s getting introduced to Employee Attendance, Visitor
Management and Canteen Management. Biometric Technology using Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
has been introduced to schools and colleges as well for Student Attendance and Library Management.
Different Clubs are using it for Club Management System as well.

Government Sector has also shown their keen interest with Biometric Technology and it has already
been introduced with different Government Programs. Biometric Fingerprint Scanner is playing a big
role with National ID Project across the globe, different state government has introduced Biometric
Technology for issuing Driving License where fingerprint is getting stored on the Smart Card Based
Driving License, Public Distribution System is getting equipped with Biometric Fingerprint Scanner for
registering the beneficiary with their fingerprints, Land Records are getting associated with the finger
print of the Land Owner and many more. Apart from these, Biometric Technology is getting introduced to
programs like NREGA and RSBY to deliver the benefits directly to the people below poverty line registered
under these programmes.
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