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Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel ( centre) flanked by Mamta Varma, Industries Commissioner, Gujarat and Xu Shan, CFO ZTESoft at the function in Shenzen, China to sign the MOU for creating smart cities in the Indian state
Gujarat turns to Chinese provider ZTESoft for help in creating Smart Cities

New Delhi, May 28 2015:  Gujarat is yet another state that is not waiting while the central government gets its Smart Cities act together:  It has tied up ZTESoft, leading provider of telecom software, solutions and services and  a subsidiary of ZTE Corporation, the largest public telecom equipment manufacturer in China, to build Smart cities in Gujarat.   
The MoU,  was signed  when Gujarat CM Anandiben  Patel visited   China along with  Prime Minister  Modi recently.
ZTEsoft and Gujarat government will jointly work to find the target city/ area. After technical closure, both team will work together to setup a trial project in Gujarat. The  project focus will be on upgrading the existing cities in Gujarat by using smart city technology.
MoU was signed by  Ms Mamta Verma Industries Commissioner, and  Ms. Xu Shan, CFO ZTEsoft  in  Shenzen in the  presence of  Chief Minister Anandi Ben Patel,  Arvind Agarwal Additional Chief Secretary, Industries & Mines Department and others.
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Gujarat turns to Chinese provider ZTESoft for help in creating Smart Cities
by Anki on October  23,  2015
  "omething else During 1980 to 1990, the stateattained doulebdigit growth rate in four years while itexperienced double digit growth rate in six years in subsequent decade. Gujarat experienced fasterpace of growth during 1980s when MadhavsinhSolanki and then Amarsinh Choudhary, both ofCongress, led the state government. In this period,the state had highest growth rate for its SDP. Thestate experienced the highest annual economic growth rate of 19.5 per cent during the six yearperiod of 1988-94. Since then this much of highrate is never attained. This period includes thereign of later years of Amarsinh Choudhary andinitial years of Chimanbhai Patel. As against this, thehighest rate of growth during the Narendra Modi era was only 14.77 per cent in 2003-04. Duringfive decades of its existence, the state of Gujarathad experienced 20 per cent or moregrowth rate only during six years. It had crossedmarvelous 40 per cent in 1988-89 and it was morethan 30 per cent in 1992-93 when Amarsinh Choudhary and Chimanbhai Patel ruled the staterespectively. However, there is not a single yearwhen the growth rate is more than twenty percent since 1993-94. In fact, it reached up to 19.33%in 1996-97. Barring it, the the SDP growth rate hasnever been more than 15 per cent during 1992-93 to 2008-09. In other words, the Narendra Modi erahas never reached the high growth rate of SDP thatwas achieved earlier."