Videogram tool gains Indian clients

26th May 2015
Videogram tool gains Indian clients

Bangalore, May 26 2015: Videogram, a global  venture offering innovative video solutions co-founded by two Indians - Sandeep Casi and Rahul Golecha --and  the flagship product of  US Silicon Valley Cinemacraft  has signed up key Indian entertainment, sports and fashion  entities including  Yash Raj Films, Dharma,Rajasthan Royals and Star Plus
Videogram   enables brands and publishers to deliver context driven engagement on videos and photos. It converts video into an interactive pictorial summary giving a user multiple entry points into the same video and allowing video to be browsed and discovered with the same simplicity as photos.Videogram has worked with Fox Pictures, Sony Pictures, Capitol Records, Disney, HBO, Jennifer Hudson, L’Oreal, Warner, CBS, ABC, ESPN Turner Worldwide rtc.
Casi has been General Motors (VR programmer), Lucasfilm (Team Lead, Systems Group), iXL(VP, Broadcast Consultant), FX Palo Alto Lab (Research Scientist, Interactive & Smart Media), Fuji Xerox (Business Development, Interactive Media), Fujifilm(Team Lead, Digital Cinema).

How it works: Videogram is a powerful tool for consuming, sharing, and monetizing online video.Videogram automatically analyzes any video file and generates a visually engaging summary with different-sized keyframes arranged in a grid reminiscent of a comic book.Videogram allows consumers to get a quick overview of an entire video's contents without watching the entire video from beginning to end.
Viewers can start – and share – the video from their point of greatest interest, thus eliminating the pain points of streaming / buffering a large video on congested mobile networks.Videogram is compatible with any video server / player and leaves the original video undisturbed (along with any existing copyright or advertising). And the technology is completely embeddable. Videogram can live on publisher / brand web pages, within apps, or on social networks.