Indian messenger app, Hike, offers Big File transfers up to 100 MB

A first for IMs
Bangalore, May 22 2015: Instant messaging apps for mobiles have always allowed their  closed  groups to share pictures or movie clips.  They have generally been limited to  15-- 25 MB  -- and  to media type files.
Now Hike  India's own home grown Messenger  has  become the first to  offer a Big File Transfer feature, allowing users to  send or receive  a file of up to 100 MB  in any format-- ppt, doc, zip, avi, mp3, pdf....  This is being seen as a plus point for  students who can exchange notes or  presentations without  needing to find a PC. 
The push  from Hike, may become a wider  shove --  making the transfer of elephantine files  a cinch   from a mobile.