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Bike to work at Texas Instruments India, Bangalore
IT's back to the bike for TI guys!

Bangalore, May 16, 2015:  Over 150 employees of Texas Instruments India rode bikes to work yesterday  --  ‘International Bike to Work’ day  -- on owned or rented bicycles. The  bikers  then took a cycle ride around Bagmane Tech Park where TI is located, spreading the message of reducing the carbon footprint.
 As the first MNC to set up an R&D centre in India in 1985, Texas Instruments celebrates 30 years of being in the country. The company  reiterates its commitment to the environment this year, by holding cycling based events at its campus. Every year, through the ‘International Bike to Work Day’, TI has sought to reduce CO2 emissions in the environment.  The company encourages its employees to cycle rather than drive and every day over 30 TI’ers bike to work and contribute to a healthy environment.  
This year, 150 cyclists paddled almost 1500 km, to and from office and around the campus, with significantly increased participation this year, the cyclists have saved about 450 kilograms of carbon dioxide. The event was made enjoyable with the addition of a slow cycle race. Also, interactive sessions on bike maintenance and benefits of cycling were shared.
Says Santhosh Kumar, President and Managing Director, Texas Instruments India. “TI has a strong history of environmental stewardship and works to continuously improve environmental efficiency at its sites worldwide. As we celebrate 30 years of operations in India, we are even more committed to minimizing our carbon footprint, use of energy, water, and other resources."


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IT's back to the bike for TI guys!
by Nghushakala on October  22,  2015
  "Halle5 de4r!Jag flyttade prices till London (ne4rmare beste4mt ige5r) och har ff6ljt din blogg sedan le4nge. Du om ne5gon e4r ju en riktig hejjare pe5 att fynda vintage, se5 det hade verkligen varit guld ve4rt om du la upp en liten London-vintage-guide!Eloge till dig ff6r att du e4r en se5 stor inspirationske4lla och ff6r att din blogg verkligen e4r finfin!"
IT's back to the bike for TI guys!
by Ella on April  17,  2016
  "I read your potinsg and was jealous"