V Sricharan, Director, Sri Chaitanya Schools with Neeraj Gill, General Manager Public Sector, Microsoft India, sealing their partnership
Microsoft brings Edu-Cloud to India

Bangalore ,  May 10 2015: Microsoft India has brought its Edu-Cloud infrastructure to India. This week   it joined with 800 teachers of Sri Chaitanya Schools --  India’s largest private network of schools and colleges  --  on their digital classrooms programme.  
The Schools  recently announced adopted the Edu-Cloud infrastructure  with  4,000 Windows-based tablets for their students and teachers of Class 3, 4 and 5 in 80 schools to connect, collaborate, create, and share content, with an aim to make teaching and learning fun. The teachers’ training will be as per the recommended guidelines of the Microsoft’s well-known, global ‘Partners in Learning’ (PiL) program.
Says Neeraj Gill, General Manager – Public Sector, Microsoft India: “Technology is transforming education and empowering students, teachers and educational institutes the world over. Our Partners in Learning and other school programs equip teachers to use technology in pedagogy that bring out the best in students and help them prepare for the future. We are glad that Sri Chaitanya Schools have chosen these programs and adopted 14,000 Windows-based tablets to gain from Microsoft India’s Edu-Cloud, driving a holistic in-classroom experience in their schools.”
Adds V Sricharan, Director, Sri Chaitanya Schools: “We are excited to adopt Microsoft’s education offerings to drive digital teaching and learning across our schools. We believe Microsoft’s programs, tools and resources will empower our teachers with new approaches to teaching, and enhance the learning experience of our students.”
The Microsoft Innovative Schools Program helps district and school leaders embrace innovation and implement technology effectively to support teaching and learning. With this program, Sri Chaitanya Schools will gain access to resources that improve insights to teaching practice for school leaders and educators, as well as content, training and resources relevant to school leaders, with a focus on the most important issues facing education today, including personalized learning. They can also join the global professional learning community of committed school leaders from around the world who share and learn from their experiences by attending the Microsoft Global Forum, Virtual Universities, and other selected invitation only workshops and trainings. 
Earlier this week, Microsoft India launched Edu-Cloud, a cloud computing-
based offering, which is expected to benefit 10 lakh teachers and 6million 
students in 1500 institutes over the next 18 months. With a commitment to
expand digital inclusion, in the last 10 years,.