is now open to developers

05th May 2015 is now open to developers

May 5 2015:  Reacting to the  widespread anxieties about Net Neutrality,  the Facebook-led  organization has  thrown open its platform  to developers  to create additional services  and  has tweaked the basic offering to  give users  more choice over the free basic services they can use.
In an announcement yesterday  by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, promised to be "more transparent and inclusive."
He said: "At the core of our efforts with are non-exclusive partnerships with mobile operators to offer free basic internet services to people through This is a set of basic websites and services to introduce people to the value of the internet, and that we hope add value to their lives.These websites are very simple and data efficient, so operators can offer these for free in an economically sustainable way. Websites do not pay to be included, and operators don’t charge developers for the data people use for their services."
"Giving people more choice over the services they use is incredibly important and going forward, people using will be able to search for and use services that meet these guidelines."
"We’re building an open platform and anyone who meets these guidelines will be able to participate. Developers that join will need to follow three principles that we’ve followed in building versions of Facebook and Messenger for These are designed to align all participants’ incentives and bring more people online. Participation will remain free for any developer or user.We think these criteria will help us to connect more people faster, and add even greater value to people’s lives."
Websites must be built to be optimized for browsing on both feature and smartphones and in limited bandwidth scenarios. In addition, websites must be properly integrated with to allow zero rating and therefore can’t require JavaScript or SSL/TLS/HTTPS and must meet these technical guidelines.
More information on how to work with,  here