Featured speakers at CommunicAsia 2015...
CommunicAsia conference will feature learnings from key Internet entities

Singapore April 16 2015: The upcoming CommunicAsia-BroadcastAsia  expo and conference in Singapore in June, will see  some of the world's iconic companies and organisations of the Internet economy share their learnings.
Hari Krishnan, LinkedIn’s Managing Director for Asia Pacific and Japan, at  LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking site on  the Internet with 347 million users in over 200 countries and territories globally will deliver a visionary address on  June 3 titled “How Social Media is Changing the Way People Work and Play”. Krishnan will share insights on how social media consumption is changing in the region, the opportunities and challenges these changes present to consumers and businesses alike.
ICT industry stakeholders can  also look for indicators from Krishnan and other plenary speakers’ addresses about how digital convergence and the data analytics-led commercial decision making will have a positive impact on the regional economy.

Another speaker -- Sunita Kaur, Managing Director of Asia, for Spotify --  will share insights on how businesses can implement a mobile marketing strategy.
Online entertainment is moving from downloading to streaming on both PC and mobile devices for various reasons. The convenience and ability to cherry-pick your favourite content is already a good draw, but the true irresistible power of such streaming services comes from freeing up on storage space. You no longer have to pay for songs, instead you pay for access to a vast library of songs – a number much larger than a single device could conceivably store.
Since Spotify launched its mobile-free tier in the region in December 2013, mobile streams have gone up to as much as five times compared to the previous year.
 “We’re so committed to the freemium model on mobile because we completely agree with the labels that subscribers are key to bringing the industry back to health — and we need the free 'funnel' to drive subscription,” says  Sunita,  “By bringing listeners into our free, ad-supported tier, we migrate them away from piracy, which is rife in this part of the world

The visionary address and  plenary sessions to be held alongside CommunicAsia2015 and  BroadcastAsia2015 from June 2 to 5 2015 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, will bring to life social media trends, opportunities and challenges of engagement, monetisation and more, across the entire ecosystem.