'Going dutch' goes virtual, thanks to this Indian app!

12th April 2015
'Going dutch'  goes virtual, thanks to this Indian app!

This app allows you to split bills and pay virtually, without hassle
By Vishnu Anand
Bangalore, April 12 2015: Binge, a  new   app from Bangalore-based developers NOROC Solutions,  is finding favour with foodies,  having  less to do with food itself, and more to do with the experience of ordering it. It is a combination of a digital wallet and an ordering app, rolled into one. It works as  a tool that splits your bill, remembers your preferences, and gives you special offers. After Bangalore, Binge is all set to make inroads into Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, among other cities.
A Binge user  creates a unique ID which needs to be presented at the affiliate restaurants, and every time an order is placed or repeated, the app updates the order and the distributes the bill among everyone in the group. A Binge user can store up to 4 credit card details against one ID and upon presentation  of the final bill, the ‘master’ card is charged and the group members virtually pay the ‘host’ their share.
The app harnesses  advanced technology that powers the whole operation. Binge lets you create an ID, without even requiring your mobile number. It then connects with the Point-of-sale system of the restaurant, enabling the waiter to identify you by your Binge ID. The most critical step is to create a secure payment pipe between your mobile device and the restaurant’s accounting system. This involves building a layer of technology on every restaurant’s payment system and linking it via a heavily encrypted channel that transfers money from your device to the restaurant.
When you are having a good time with friends or family, the technology behind Binge is the least of your concerns.  Binge lets   a group ' go Dutch'– splitting bills and ensuring that everybody goes home happy. For everything else, of course, there’s Visa and Mastercard. 
The app is available for free download for Android and iOS users.