Robert Bosch showcases 'Made in India' Technologies

03rd April 2015
Robert Bosch showcases 'Made in India' Technologies
Robert Bosch Innovations: 1: Advanced Genset Controller 2: Connectivity Test Centre 3: Pollution Monitoring Centre ( Photos: IndiaTechOnline)

Bangalore, April 4: Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions (RBEI),   has showcased  innovative and smart solutions crafted in Bangalore for  use worldwide.  The solutions centered around Internet of things, mobility, automotive technology, data analytics, road safety, energy, among others.  The focus was on  Make for India but the application areas go far beyond Bosch's own line of work and embrace many societal concerns
IoT Gateway and pollution monitoring sensing system: With simple changes in the sensor modules, the IoT Gateway can be used for multiple applications: micro mlimate monitor (Environment, Pollution); traffic and parking; river level and water quality
Connectivity Test Centre: to  validate interoperability of features between popular consumer electronic devices in every region with the device under test. This enables developers to make products where are interoperable and compatible with other devices.For example, many cars offer Bluetooth based hands free voice calling facility. In order for this feature to function properly, it is important to validate the car’s infotainment system against many mobile phones available in respective markets before the launch of a car.
mySPIN platform: Software that allows users to connect their smart phones to the infotainment head units in their cars, thereby allowing them to use smart phone apps in the car environment. mySPIN, unlike Android Auto and CarPlay, is already cross-OS, with compatibility with Windows phones a part of our roadmap.
Augmented reality solutions for the  higher education sector in India. RBEI is working with Bangalore University to create 3D images for the course curriculum. The solution is expected to be available for colleges affiliated to the university by October-December. For vocational training in automotive assembly and industrial training, the company has developed a desktop solution. With the solutions, students can now view and project preloaded 3D content. They can also modify these virtual objects with a webcam and a scanner. The solution, now used in the company’s Bengaluru factory, will be available for commercial use in the second half of this year. An augmented reality solution for online retail, which would allow life-size viewing of products online, is also on the cards. Bosch is working with a number of online retailers and e-commerce companies to develop customized 3D content of the items for sale.
Energy: RBEI works on technologies and services which will help customers to be more energy efficient: Advanced Genset Controller (AGC) is a controller for generators which monitors different sources of incoming and outgoing power sources. AGC is installed in a generator environment. It is also designed to monitor the generator parameters such as Engine RPM, Alternator Voltages, Fuel Levels, Temperature and other sensory parameters. The AGC measures the energy (KWH), power factor, load current, frequency and load quality by Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).
Bosch Energy Management System aims to build a technological platform for energy management in buildings, offices and commercial spaces. The software has built-in intelligence to automatically pin-point areas where there are energy leakages or unnecessary energy consumption. This solution also gives a comparative benchmarking of past and present data enabling users to graphically measure improvements.
Situational Awareness Platform for Power Distribution System (SAP-PDS) aims to facilitate power distribution utilities in identifying the commercial and technical losses as well as helps monitor the health of distribution transformers. Equipped with a GIS-based asset tracking system, the SAP-PDS offers an end-to-end real-time loss monitoring platform.The electronic data acquisition units fitted at the transformers beam real-time data acquired from various on-board sensors to a central server at the sub-station. Rich and real-time- analytics are churned out of this data and presented as usable information to the end user for effective decision making and faster intervention. This in turn enables prediction of transformer failure and capturing power consumption deviation using data analytics.
Automotive Technology:
Active Sound Cancellation and Enhancement

Active Sound Cancellation is a technology for reducing unwanted sounds by the introduction of a second sound specifically designed to cancel the first.  This technology is used in head phones but it has other applications like reducing engine noise inside the cabin of the car, reducing decibel levels in construction equipment and generators.
Active Noise Cancellation reduces only unwanted noise and not all noise and is much more comfortable than using mufflers or head phones. With sophisticated software algorithms we are able to change the sound experience to sport/comfort/quiet.
The RBEI system includes a control unit which runs the cancellation algorithm and a set of speakers to generate anti-noise. Noise from the vehicle and anti-noise generated by control unit mix to reduce the total resultant noise.
The product has particular significance for the Indian market (for construction equipment) as operators today don't even use mufflers and exposed to high decibel levels for extended periods of time.
Active Sound Enhancement on the other hand is a method by which speed dependent engine sound is generated to make the bike sound sportier. This is a fun to have feature and gives the user options to customize sounds based on preference. The technology is similar to cancellation and noise is generated to enhance required frequencies.The product has potential in the Indian context as bike enthusiasts are constantly modifying their bikes to be sportier and faster. The product is envisaged as a fun to have feature.
eCATER, the first portable and stand alone tester to check the health of the ECU hardware in case of field failures. Currently, there is no dedicated portable tool available to test ECU hardware failures in the field. eCATER is an efficient and smart tool for resident engineers, quality engineers in the plant. One of the major pain areas of the entire warranty handling process is realized as a product.Especially for the emerging market, is a market-ready, affordable solution to meet the challenges of everyday life.
Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited is a 100% owned subsidiary of RobertBosch GmbH, one of the world's leading global supplier of technology and services, offering end-to-end Engineering, IT and Business Solutions. With over 14,500 associates, it's the largest software development center of Bosch, outside Germany. In India, Bosch is a leading supplier of technology and services in the areas of automotive and industrial technology, consumer goods and building technology