Biomatiques' homegrown iris scan technology makes it as affordable as fingerprints

19th March 2015
Biomatiques' homegrown  iris scan technology makes it as affordable as fingerprints
Top: Rajan Luthra, President, Fire and Security Association of India ( left) and Tamaal Roy, CEO, Biomatiques launching the indigenously developed Iris Recognition technology ( bottom picture)

Look into my eyes.... It's Make- in-India!
Mumbai, March 19, 2015: Surat-based Biomatiques Identification Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Biomatiques)  has launched India’s first indigenous Iris recognition technology, with a range of iris scanners.
Biomatiques is the first Indian company to receive the government's Standardization Testing and Quality Certification (STQC) for their Iris scanners from the STQC Directorate, Department of Electronics and Information Technology (Deity).  The technology-- one of the most trusted form of identity authentication -- is, thanks to the Biomatique offering, as affordable as fingerprint technology in India.
Says Tamaal Roy, CEO, Biomatiques: “Our indigenization has helped us bring down the cost of Iris authentication to match fingerprint authentication. With our vision of ‘Total Security’, we aim to completely replace fingerprint authentication which is error-prone. The applications for this technology are varied, and we are expecting this price revolution to change the security mindset in India and the globe completely. The  STQC  certification allows connection of our Iris scanners to the Aadhaar database also.”
Iris recognition method is an automated form of biometric identification that uses mathematical pattern-recognition techniques on video images of one or both of the irises of an individual's eyes, whose complex random patterns are unique, stable, and can be seen from some distance. An iris-recognition algorithm can identify up to 250 identification points including rings, furrows and freckles within the iris. Some of these Iris scanners can capture the Iris image from a distance of two meters and authenticate the Iris.