Snapdeal brings Sailfish mobile ecosystem to Indian e-markets

04th March 2015
Snapdeal brings Sailfish  mobile ecosystem to Indian e-markets

New Delhi, March 4, 2015: Leading Indian online marketplace, Snapdeal,  has partnered Finland-based mobile company – Jolla – to promote the Sailfish OS based mobile ecosystem for India.
‘Sailfish OS Alliance’ is a partner network designed to create opportunities for regional device vendors and premium internet service providers. The ‘Sailfish OS alliance’ also secures higher and more sustainable average revenue per user (ARPU) throughout the whole lifetime of the product or service. The independent Sailfish OS offers a user experience, which is highly customisable for e.g. deep integration of regional internet services, m-commerce and digital content.
Jolla's Sailfish OS is the only commercially available mobile OS that offers the  opportunity for local businesses to integrate their services on a prominent location in the user interface, while offering a ready access to a wide range of applications thanks to its Android app compatibility
Says Sami Pienimäki, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Jolla: “This is a great opportunity for strong Indian brands to start offering unique differentiated products to the great and fast growing Indian mobile market. With Sailfish OS, we can offer a whole new level of software user experience differentiation, currently unseen in the mobile industry. Together, Jolla and will be able to provide a very strong offering for regional brands to introduce new products fast to the market."
Adds Tony Navin, Senior Vice President of “We see a strongly growing demand for a differentiated and versatile mobile offering in India, and for this Jolla and Sailfish OS offer a solution that will be appreciated by all. We are very excited about this new level of partnership with Jolla.”   
Jolla and will jointly promote Sailfish OS for Indian mobile device vendors and internet companies. launched the Jolla smartphone in India exclusively in October 2014.
Jolla announced that it is inviting OEMs, ODMs, and leading internet, eCommerce, and content players to join the ‘Sailfish OS alliance’. Jolla also invites regional internet leaders especially from Russia, India, China and Japan, which are large enough markets and have strong interest to build their independent mobile ecosystems.