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Prepare for a cricket mahayudh -- in Cyberia!

With the Cricket World Cup  on for the next  four weeks,  the game  has extended its pitch to your mobile and home computing devices.  If you swear by the real cricketing action on the live pitches of Australia and New Zealand, we have handpicked a few apps for you to get the right information, even while you are away from your TV screens.

ESPNcricinfo has enhanced its mobile app and now syncs it with your phone calendar giving you alerts of upcoming matches. The app which you can download here  has also integrated with Google Now to provide Now cards for matches involving your favourite teams.
Twitter of course has an official hashtag for the world cup - #CWC15.  It has also compiled Twitter XI, a team of 11 hand picked players based on their social media popularity. The @cricketworldcup page will feature live match updates and experts comments as well. Star Sports is also leveraging Twitter with its hashtag #BringItBack.   
Hike messenger,  the only  Indian  chat app   has  launched ‘World Cup 2015’ ,   with content curated by Cricbuzz. Users will receive a card with real-time score updates and match results,  on a new chat window which will be active during the entire World Cup.
February 15 2015



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Prepare for a cricket mahayudh -- in Cyberia!
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