New edition of ANSYS simulation tool launched

Bangalore, Jan. 28, 2015: ANSYS has launched the new -- 16th -- release of its computer aided design and simulation software, promising major advancements across the company’s entire portfolio, including structures, fluids, electronics and systems engineering solutions.
Highlights of the release include: Enabling Connected Electronic Devices. The pervasive connectivity of electronic devices, evidenced by the Internet of Things, requires a higher standard for hardware and software reliability. ANSYS 16.0 delivers capabilities to verify electronics reliability and performance throughout the design process and complex electronics industry supply chains.
ANSYS is introducing the ANSYS Electronics Desktop. This single-window, highly integrated interface brings electromagnetic, circuit and systems analysis into a seamless working environment to maximize productivity and to ensure users are following simulation best practices.
Another important new feature in ANSYS 16.0 is the ability to create 3-D components and integrate them into larger electronic assemblies. This modeling approach can facilitate the creation of wireless communication systems, which is especially useful as these systems become more and more complex. Simulation-ready 3-D components are created and stored in library files that can be added to larger system designs without the need to apply excitations, boundary conditions and material properties.
ANSYS 16.0 accelerates the process for engineers to model  thin materials and define how parts are connected in a complete assembly.  It also provides new functionality for composite designs and comprehensive tools for understanding the solution results.
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