New edition of Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary includes 240 Indian words

Bangalore, January 23 2015: The Oxford University Press has  come to India for the global launch of the 9th edition of the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary  -- adding  700 new words in the print edition and 900 in the online version.  
There are  240 words of Indian origin and new words in this edition include  jugaad ( frugal innovation), mixie, kitty party, videshi and  timepass -- as quintessentially  ' we are like that only' words.
Words from digital and social media include retweet, tweetable, tweetheart, twitterverse and tweetup, all derived from Twitter; bloggy and bloggable, unfriend and selfie. 
In addition to  print and DVD formats, for the first time OUP has launched the online version of the dictionary.. The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, first published in 1948 in the United Kingdom, has sold more than 38 million print copies and 1.3 million apps.   The 9th edition is on sale this week   and the paperback edition with DVD costs Rs 675.