India R&D centre contributes key technologies to Analog Devices product lineup

03rd December 2014
India R&D centre contributes key technologies to Analog Devices product lineup

Bangalore, December 2 2014: The 300-strong India R&D team of data conversion and signal conditioning leader, Analog Devices,  has made significant contributions across the company's product line which straddles  a wide gamut of application areas  including  Infotainment, Home Security, Surveillance, Robotics, Automotive, Green Energy, Process control,  medical Instrumentation  and consumer applications. 
In a special briefing for IndiaTechOnline, Somshubhro (Som) Pal Choudhury, Managing Director, Analog Devices India (ADI)    pointed to work done by the company's India-based engineers in the areas of  predictive safety  for automobiles using radio and camera technologies  -- and  in video analytics  for  home and office security surveillance as specially noteworthy.
To further develop the  ecosystem  of ICs for analogue and digital instrumentation in India, Analog Devices has  been active in the educational arena with programmes like Anveshan, its bi-annual student design fellowship,  aimed at building system level engineering expertise among Indian engineering student community and providing them an opportunity to showcase their innovation, product design and problem solving abilities.
The company also has an ongoing University Programme for engineering students in India. to provide them with a hands-on learning opportunity to supplement their core engineering curriculum.  Affordable Analog Design Kits allow engineering students to build and test a wide range of analog and digital circuits outside their university labs, using their own PC without the need for any additional lab equipment like oscilloscopes, waveform generators, logic analyzers and power supplies.
Most recently the company has launched Wireless Sensor Development Kits which enable rapid deployment of Industrial Systems targeting the Internet of Things and Big Data Networks.  The out-of-the-box kits allow engineers to establish a working wireless sensor system in as little as 15 minutes to report and analyze remotely various types of sensor data, such as temperature, humidity and motion/vibration. Along with two multi-sensor-node boards, the demo kits include a base station connector, an emulator platform, and a full-featured software package that includes a robust communications protocol stack and rich graphical user interface. Details here.

We have for a few days, a short video about Analog Devices'  University outreaches for students in the Tech Video spot on our home page