Cloud based hiring platform makes job searches easier

28th November 2014
Cloud based hiring platform makes job searches easier

Unique search algorithms and intelligent mapping help job seekers to connect better with prospective employers
Bangalore, November 28 2014: A day in a job seeker's life usually involves sifting through the inbox to identify appropriate jobs from dozens -- sometimes hundreds -- of relevant and mostly irrelevant ones. Some part of the day is also spent answering phone calls and explaining to the caller how the job is either uninteresting, irrelevant or that the job offer being spoken about is based on outdated information about you that a head-hunter or a job portal might have. A US-based company called tapResume headed by Indians, with offices in Chennai and Hyderabad, is hoping to change this scenario.
Powered by an advanced search algorithm, with proprietary mapping technology, tapResume aims to create the perfect 'sangam' of job seekers and employers. According to Jagannadh Varma, Founder and CEO, "It is very important that job seekers and prospective employers have a two-way communication. Currently, it is a one way channel. It will save a lot of time for both parties if the relationship is tighter. Of course, for employers, time is money."
TapResume's way to ensure this amicable relationship is via a product called Resume Card, which is essentially a ready reckoner for your prospective employer to see. With simple fields like 'key skills', 'expert skills' 'salary expected' etc, it is very easy for the candidate to fill. However, things are not all that simple in the backend. Each of your responses is carefully recorded and run through the algorithm to ensure that accurate mapping of your skills. "The most important field in the resume card is the 'What do you want the employer to know about you' one, where you have to sell yourself in 100 odd words. This information is taken very seriously and forwarded to relevant openings in our database. We have had very interesting inputs for this field like 'I have strong object-oriented skills. I would love to work for startups. I love basketball', and we have been able to connect such a user to his dream job", Varma explained.
For now, Resume Card is a free offering from tapResume, but it will not remain that way for too long. "We believe a small fee will keep the imposters away", said Varma