Tata Communications solution will help Over-The-Top providers to offer mobile local number services to global customers

London, November 22 2014: Tata Communications,  has launched mobile local number service ( LNS), a new  service that  enables Over The Top (OTT) content providers  and cloud communications companies to open their communication ecosystem to telecommunication services such as voice calls and text messages, by assigning dedicated local numbers to their customers in countries of their choice. 
This allows the OTT’s customer’s contacts or employees in those countries to call and text the customer using a local number - significantly reducing the cost to the contact or employee.  It also gives mobile operators a new revenue stream from leasing mobile phone numbers, offering growth opportunities to the entire mobile ecosystem. 
Mobile LNS has the benefits of traditional LNS plus voice and text capable phone numbers.  This means OTTs and cloud communication providers can integrate voice calls and text messages into online services such as Unified Communication apps, social networking services and instant messaging accounts. 
Overseas callers simply dial or text a local number; the call or message is then delivered to the provider’s platform using Tata Communications’ global IP Network, and sent to the device of the person they dialled. As the calls and texts use carrier networks, the service brings with it higher quality and reliability of voice calls. Global enterprises can also benefit from mobile LNS through centralised helpdesks using the service to allow international employees to call and text at local rates. 
Says Christian Michaud, Senior Vice President Product and Business Strategy, Global Voice Solutions at Tata Communications: “OTTs and cloud communications companies need a better way to get local mobile numbers than by going operator-to-operator. Thanks to our relationships with over 1,600 service providers, mobile LNS enables cloud communication providers and mobile operators to enter new markets and scale quickly and efficiently. It also enables greater enhancement to apps or platforms, giving end-users better options and higher quality voice calls and SMS.”
Data sheet on Mobile LNS here