New @ Bangalore IT.Biz #1:A ReMeDi for remote, telemedicine challenges

14th November 2009
New @ Bangalore IT.Biz  #1:A ReMeDi for  remote, telemedicine challenges

Our continuing coverage of new products displayed at Bangalore’s annual IT show last week
A comprehensive and affordable tele medicine solution from NeuroSynaptic Communications Pvt Ltd (  ) was on show at the just concluded Bangalore IT.Biz exhibition.

The ReMeDi™ (Remote Medical Diagnostics) range of products developed in collaboration with the TeNeT group of the IIT Madras, allows transmission of various vital parameters about the patient to a doctor for preliminary diagnosis, either in real-time or in a store-and-forward mode. The hope is to bridge the healthcare divide for rural areas effectively and affordably.

The solution has been developed so that it can be operated with minimal training. It provides complete Electronic Medical Records, images, various health parameters like ECG and heart sounds, as well as audio-video conferencing at very low bandwidth, making it a viable platform for rural and remote healthcare delivery in villages which might lack infrastructure and medical expertise. Sensors provided include: ECG, electronic stethoscope, clinic temperature sensor,pulse oximeter, hear and pulse rate meter. The sensors work with any standard Windows PC or laptop. 

The product was completely developed in India by a team led by Neurosynaptic’s CEO and IISc Bangalore alumnus, Sameer Sawarkar. The company was honoured as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum last year. Engineers at the IT.Biz expo said the typical ReMeDi system wouold cost less than Rs 50,000 ( $1000)


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