Help me build a world-class city like yours: Andhra Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu to Singapore govt.

18th November 2014
Help me build a world-class city like yours: Andhra Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu to Singapore govt.
Andhra Pradesh state Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu... and the Singapore skyline with the Parliament building in the foreground, that he wants to replicate

Hyderabad, November 18 2014: Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu of Andhra Pradesh is confident, the Singapore government  and its agencies will help him build a world class vertical capital for the new state he  now heads. 
Back from a 3-day visit to the island-state, Naidu said he is awaiting a  nod from Singapore's cabinet  to  launch  public-private partnerships  with leading institutions to work on a master plan for a smart city he hopes to be a trend setter in India.
The need has arisen because the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh  left after the state of Telengana was carved out of it is left without an administrative capital.  Naidu has rejected  suggestion to designate  one of the major cities  in his state like Vijayawada  or Visakhapatnam as the capital and instead  had opted to create an all new entity -- allowing the state the opportunity to  bring  world class infrastructure to the new state -- complete with skyscrapers, amusement parks, skyways and entertainment hubs.
Naidu, said Singapore's senior minister S Eswaran and  his senior officials  had  agreed  in principle to help the state government in its efforts. Andhra officials who accompanied the Chief Minister  told New Indian Express,  a  team of architects and designers, as well as  officials of the Singapore government, could visit India within the next few  weeks to  help create a blueprint for the  new capital city.
“The Singapore government and its entrepreneurs are known for promising less and delivering more and I am confident it is going to happen even in case of the AP capital", Naidu was quoted in Deccan Chronicle  as saying.   He drew parallels between Singapore and Andhra Pradesh,: Like the truncated AP, Singapore was also  separated from Malaysia in 1963. Despite limited space, lack of water, Singapore developed rapidly in a short span earning recognition as one of the Four Asian Tigers. “Though Singapore has limited resources, it has progressed on all fronts because of hard work, good planning, lack of corruption and efficient administration. Singapore’s population is just 5 million whereas AP’s population is 50 million . But, their income is 10 times higher than ours,” he said.

Naidu  added that he interacted with 200 companies in Singapore and many  including SIA, Sembcorp, Ascenda, Jurong and Temasek had shown keen interest in  partnershiop opportunities in  his state.  He is also keen on replicating the urban housing model of
Panggol of government-subsidised sustainable green buildings meant for low income  families.(The Hindu report).

Chandrababu Naidu has a reputation as a no-nonsense develop-oriented politician.During his previous tenure as Andhra Chief Minister, He helped persuade  the likes of Bill Gates of Microsoft to make his capital city their India HQ -- and leveraged such contacts to create HiTec City -- the IT hub of Hyderabad  which soon acquired the popular name, Cyberabad.