Now, ERP on Google Glass!

08th November 2014
Now, ERP on Google Glass!
ERP on wearables like Google Glass and smart watch ...

 Indian enterprise software leader Ramco, is the first to port its flagship tools on wearable devices
By Vishnu Anand
Chennai, November 8 2014: Google Glass is giving a huge boost to wearable computing – devices you can wear on your body, which work as a computing device – with a myriad of applications and products being created to work on it.
An Indian IT company has created the world’s first ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tool on Google Glass.
Earlier this week at its Chennai headquarters, Ramco Systems launched its ‘ERP on wearable devices’ offering. This innovation, according to Ramco is set to revolutionize the way we live – from ensuring error-free surgeries to on-time courier deliveries to faster air travel.
Targeted initially at the global aviation market, Ramco is enabling ground engineers of global airlines to ensure faster turnaround of large aircraft, like the Boeing Dreamliner. For every flight, the airplane crew – pilots, engineers, ground staff and cabin crew – have to document data which runs into almost 500 pages. This data dynamically changes for every flight. At the end of a flight, the pilot provides a real-time report of snags, issues and possible problem areas for the next flight. The turnaround time for the aircraft directly depends on how quickly the engineering staff is able to address the issues raised by the pilot.
“Ramco arms global airline engineering crew with Google Glass devices and smart watches. Even as the airplane is entering its bay, the crew gets a list of to-do items before the next flight. Even before passengers disembark, replacement parts or software upgrades are ready”, explained Srinivasan R, Vice President – Technology, explained. It is a known fact that every extra minute an airplane spends standing in its parking bay, the airlines pay through their nose. Faster engineering turn around will save huge amounts of money for airlines, and there is no doubt they will pass on some of the savings to the passenger.
Ramco’s R&D experts in Chennai have used in-memory computing capabilities, Google Glass API and aviation expertise to create the tool in-house. Besides aviation, the concept of an ERP for wearable devices can also be used for surgeries, where the chief surgeon gets instructions on his glass, or even a courier agency where delivery staff is armed with wearable devices which provides the next pick up location.

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