Hybrid Cloud: For India, the cost effective way to go: EMC

New Delhi, October 13 2014: Cloud Computing has been around for almost a decade, but  the Indian experience is akin to what Mark Twain said about the weather: Everybody talks about it, but no one does anything about it -- till now.
Last week in Delhi at its biggest Indian mela,  Rajesh Janey, India head of global Cloud storage leader, EMC  shared an interesting learning:  Indians have been too savvy to put  all  their money into either public clouds --  space hired from Net biggies like Amazon -- or private clouds  on their own machines in their  backyard.  Instead they have gone for a masala mix that is  best of both cloud worlds:  Keep the important stuff on your own hardware;  store the less critical data on hired cloud. It's called Hybrid Cloud. And it flows from another Indian perception -- the Customer is King.  Consider:
Today, you  book a taxi using a mobile app, and  soon,  it  comes to your door.  Already,  savvy  taxi operators are providing the GPS co-ordinates of the nearest taxi. At the end of your trip, an email is sent to you with the route map of your travel, the exact time taken for your trip and the corresponding pricing. This is possible because of hybrid cloud technology -- the cab company seamlessly morphs data  on its own cloud servers like  fleet details, with your own coordinates that are pulled in from a public cloud service like Google Maps.
With or without our knowledge, each one of us is constantly using cloud computing in our daily lives – from mobile banking transactions to pizza deliveries to chat software.
The  'consumer first’ mantra of  hybrid cloud computing is a stark contrast to old fashioned computing where the  process was the priority. Consumers – you and me – today define how we would like our computing experience, and the  IT ecosystem is paying close attention to our demands and  HAS to respond -- with  solutions like hybrid cloud.
EMC has joined other IT entities -- Cisco, Netmagic, VMware -- to jointly  deliver this hybrid  solution that is said to be worth a billion dollars of business in India alone.  But then, we are like that only, and we are calling the shots!   --  Vishnu Anand