Ericsson brings its latest indoor small cell products to India

09th October 2014
Ericsson brings its latest indoor small cell products to India
Ericsson's Chris Houghton (left) and Christian Hedelin unveil new indoor small cell products, New Delhi, October 9 2014 (Photo IndiaTechOnline)

New Delhi, October 9 2012: Communications product leader Ericsson has brought its latest Communications product solutions to optimize indoor coverage – the Radio Dot System and the RBS6402 picocell – to India.
The Radio Dot System, Ericsson is  offered  the industry’s most cost-effective and modular high performance indoor radio system, enabling operators to address a wide range of in-building environments with a common solution.
The 6402 is the first picocell to support LTE speeds of up to 300 MBPS,  supporting multi-carrier, multi-standard (LTE, WCDMA and Wi-Fi), and mixed-mode  operations across  10 different bands, with two 3GPP bands (LTE and WCDMA) plus 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

At its flagship event -- Ericsson CONNECT-, Mikael Bäck, Global Head of Strategy Development & Portfolio Management, shared case studies to show how the Networked Society is driving change for individuals and communities and enabling innovation and business transformation. He cited real life examples of goods tracking, connected cars, smart metering, e-health, remote surgery and e-learning as examples of how the Networked Society is coming alive in different parts of the world.
Said Chris Houghton, Head of Region India: “Broadband has the potential to help bring about inclusive growth in India by extending education, healthcare and financial inclusion to rural areas and lower income groups. In order to achieve and deliver on this vision, government and industry need to actively partner to tackle the constraints of limited spectrum availability, device affordability and network performance gaps indoors while at the same time meeting the pent-up demand for mobile broadband and stimulating interest in and uptake of services in new markets with new revenue models.”
Added Christian Hedelin, Head of Radio Strategy at Ericsson: “As people, businesses and industry transform through mobility, the performance of mobile networks becomes a critical factor, so Ericsson is always focused on innovative ways to help mobile operators improve their networks. By bringing high performance mobile broadband indoors with the Ericsson Radio Dot System and RBS 6402 Picocell, Ericsson enables operators to satisfy their consumer and business customers, grow in mobile enterprise and expand into new industries.”