NOIDA startup launches free video conferencing tool that overcomes low bandwidth problems

01st October 2014
NOIDA startup launches  free video conferencing tool  that overcomes low bandwidth problems
Sushant Pandey ( extreme left) and the Tringgr creative team

NOIDA,October 1, 2014: A startup based in NOIDA, in  India's national capital region has  launched  Tringgr --a  free video conferencing platform that needs just a browser and works on really low bandwidth fulfilling all instant conference needs.
It works well on low-bandwidth as low as 30kbps for voice and 128kbps for video.It needs no plug-in, no downloads; just a HTML5-compliant browser from any device and  you go live!Tringgr provides a  total  solution for video or voice calls and additionally provides support for file transfer, recording, screen sharing etc.
The solution  is based on WebRTC, an open source project backed by Google. is  arguably the first WebRTC based full communication service from India which provides the ability to communicate anywhere, any time at really low bandwidths. Since  the makers  provide Javascript libraries, adding Tringgr capability in your product or service  involves just  adding 5 lines of code and less than 5 minutes pf coding,laim the makers’s next release  will be a mobile app, and a user would be able to call between mobile, browser, VOIP and PSTN phones (mobile and landline) at really low cost or may be  even free.
"We believe that a product like Tringgr helps various online business to cater their interaction needs like Live Tutoring, Online Doctors, Live Product display for e-commerce, online Customer desk, Matrimony meeting points etc", says  Sushant Pandey, a 2005 Computer Science graduate  from IIIT Hyderabad, who started his  career with the Microsoft India Development Centre, before  co-foundingTringgr with  4 others.  
The basic  is a free product, while  TringgrEngage is a "freemium" model with per user per month pricing for live chat agent service and TringgrConnect is a per user per month pricing for conference solutions.
An Interesting Customer Service Use Case of Tringgr:
Last week, you ordered a shiny new tablet from an online store, and you open the box to find the screen is cracked! You DO NOT reach for your cell phone, dig for the customer support number on the website, dial it, wait in a phone tree for 30 minutes, answer verification questions along the way, reach an agent, give her your order number, then laboriously describe the crack in your screen.
Instead, you log in to your electronics store account and click on a “Problem with My Order” button. Right there in your browser, you are quickly connected by video call with a support agent who greets you by name. Because you were logged in to your account when you clicked to call, she knows you are a long-time customer and the exact SKU of the tablet that was shipped to you. What’s more, you lift up the tablet and show her the crack on the video call. In a matter of minutes, she has ordered you a replacement tablet.